RO Versiunea romana

hydrogeological survey

Project description

The project involved design and development of new water sources for a county in Romania. The acquired data was used for defining new water sources and also evaluate old ones in order to supply a given quantity of water to sourounding cities and other inhabitated places.

Our assignment

Interra Applications was requested to undertake hydrogeological site investigations for several locations throughout the county. The investigations comprised in supervision of water wells execution, piezometers installation, performing several types of pumping tests and laboratory testing. Based on the acquired data, hydrogeological studies were issued in order to assess the quality and quantity of water bearing structures.

Also, existing water plants were investigated. The works included boreholes video inspection, filter area quality check, execution of several piezometers and performing pumping tests in order to certify the former parameters.

All resulted hydrogeological studies were used to design new water sources and also for eventual rehabilitation of existing ones.