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permeability testing Lugeon / Lefranc

Project description

The project was about verifying the metro tunnel concrete tampon wall integrity, in Bucharest, Romania. The results were used to evaluate the concrete injections performed in order to stabilize the natural ground.

Our assignment

Interra Applications was requested to perform geotechnical investigations for underground condition evaluation, using permeability testing method. The purpose of the study was to collect permeability data resulting from falling head and slack permeability tests, in order to provide support information for subway tunnels drilling start.

Testing execution was performed through a series of horizontal small boreholes. The boreholes were sunk using concrete coring equipment and the resulting cores were checked in terms of quality and quantity. The tests were performed using a set of packers and the specific equipment for permeability testing.

This reliable and efficient method has been used for its valuable information and speed in collecting geotechnical data in areas with difficult access.