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About us

Founded in 2015, Interra Applications stands forward with innovative vision, equipment and techniques to provide geotechnical, geological and geophysical services for some of the most challenging projects. Interra’s background comes from geotechnical and mining exploration, providing superior services for some of the most demanding projects on the market, from tunneling to offshore geotechnical exploration.

Our services are created to support engineering design and construction of small to large structures by providing valuable data in challenging environmental situations. From rough mountain approach to near-shore water access we provide information and advice about the best location of your future building, infrastructure or industrial facility foundation. In addition we go further in helping with maintenance and inspection of related assets.


Our mission is to provide premium quality geological, geotechnical and geophysical services throughout the European market and help our customers to develop, explore and conquer new subsurface territories.

We specialize in providing custom solutions for challenging projects by acquiring and interpreting earth and subsurface engineering data and providing associated consulting services to help clients with their design, construction, installation and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and industrial assets.

Our strong focus on innovation enable us to provide the most suitable solutions for projects related to earth’s surface and subsurface.