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Geological and geophysical surveys prove themselves as valuable tools in providing rapid information and insights into subsurface conditions. Resulted information helps understanding the characteristics of ground conditions over large areas, determine specific engineering properties and pinpoint possible hazards otherwise very hard discoverable with local solutions, thus reducing projects risks and cost.

Interra Applications integrates cutting edge data acquisition and interpretation along with consulting services related to G&G methods.

Based on prior extended experience in geological and geotechnical exploration and working close with our collaborators we develop in-house methods that provide high quality information from surface, borehole and near-shore environments.

Our G&G portfolio include:

  • Desktop studies (review of existing geologic and geophysical data, assessment of potential geohazard)

  • Seismic refraction and tomography

  • Surface wave seismic methods (MASW)

  • Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)

  • Borehole seismic testing (Downhole, Crosshole, Tomography, VSP)

  • Electromagnetic methods (EM)

  • Magnetic survey

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)

  • Underground utility survey (Pipelines, UXO, cables)

  • Near-shore survey (Bathymetry, Sub bottom profiler, Side scan sonar)