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We are specialized in supplying premium equipment and complete drilling solutions for mining, geotechnical and engineering companies.

Interra Applications custom solutions are aimed at helping our customers:

  • increasing drilling penetration rates

  • reducing equipment wear

  • choosing the right bit configuration and extending bit life

  • choosing the right additives and pump type

  • drilling mud engineering


Our range of products is listed below:


Diamond Tools

When we introduce our diamond tools, wether it's a deep hole Vulcan core bit or a heavy-duty Gator casing shoe, we know the value of detail. Each bit goes through a rigurous quality check process before leaving the plant. We are committed to total quality.


Down the Hole

Drill crews know by ear and by heart what happens down the hole. Getting quality wireline core barrels and overshots that you can rely on is essential for a job done at the highest standards.


Drilling Accessories

Because a helmet and a pair of goggles are essential to protect a drill site's true resource and because getting the right wrench may have an impact on productivity, we believe that accessories are just as important as any other tool or equipment.


Geotechnical Drilling Equipment

You will find here anything you need for geotechnical drilling, from coring tools, going through tricone drill bits, roto-percussion and injection drill pipes, up to a wide range of drilling rigs.


Drilling Additives

Choosing the right additive and using it properly are critical to keeping the drilling go smoothly. We provide the technical support to make it happen.


Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment for soil, rock, concrete and granular, asphalt and cement and also a range of in-situ testing equipment is available in this section.


Mining Drilling Rigs

Diamond drill rigs are the heart of any drill site - they deliver the drive and are closely related to productivity, efficiency and results. We believe that supplying drilling rigs is an inclusive part of offering a complete drilling solution.