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Based on our extended experience with geotechnical works, we trust that in-situ testing must be the method of choice when it comes to subsurface uncertainties.

Combined with drilling works and G&G surveys, in-situ testing provides fast and reliable answers regarding geotechnical parameters.

In-situ testing methods used by Interra Applications satisfy ASTM, Eurocode 7 and National Standards and Regulations.

Our testing range includes:

  • Cone penetration testing (CPT, CPTu, SCPTu)

  • Dynamic probing (DPSH, DPH)

  • Standard penetration testing (SPT)

  • Borehole seismic testing (Downhole, Crosshole, Tomography)

  • Pressuremeter testing (Menard)

  • Field Vane testing

  • Permeability testing (variable and constant head, packer tests, pumping tests)