RO Versiunea romana

From hard intrusive rock to colluvium deposits, Interra Applications is able to retrieve high quality continuous samples based on our operator experience, technical data knowledge, mud and drilling rig custom design and  special downhole tools.

We focus on delivering expert drilling services on time and budget, meeting ASTM and Eurocode standards and regulations and bringing value to our clients.

Drilling services:

  • Wireline core drilling – High tech equipment and higher quality data through experienced drilling personnel and engineers.

  • Conventional core drilling – Simple, double and even triple core barrel may provide a suitable alternative to more sophisticated wireline coring services.

  • Open hole drilling – Direct circulation drilling techniques using tricone, drag bits or down-the-hole hammer.

  • Auger drilling – Solid and hollow stem dry drilling techniques; Most suitable for environmental site investigations.

  • Borehole testing – Wide range of in-situ techniques: Downhole and Crosshole seismic, Seismic Tomography, Hydraulic conductivity testing, pressuremeter and dilatometer as well as geological borehole logging.

  • Borehole instrumentation – Significant experience with inclinometers, stand pipe and vibrating wire piezometers as well as standpipes for gas, water and leachate.