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Whenever complex projects combine with sensitive environments, harsh ground conditions and geotechnical challenges, Interra Applications provides innovative solutions and substantial expertise.

Extensive experience and advanced geotechnical knowledge help saving both cost and time by identifying the best available solutions from the beginning of the project.

Interra Applications acquires geotechnical, geological and geophysical data for subsurface characterization. Data collection is done using a variety of conventional and custom designed equipment along with innovative methods. Services range from in-situ static and dynamic testing (CPT), geophysical methods going to conventional and custom drilling techniques, as well as various borehole testing.


  • Desktop studies

  • Documents review for geologic conditions and groundwater assessment

  • Geological and geophysical mapping for subsurface characterization (2D/3D)

  • Soil and rock drilling and sampling

  • CPT soundings

  • Landslide investigation and slope stability studies

  • Geotechnical monitoring for existing structures

  • Hydrogeological studies

  • Geotechnical instrumentation installation/monitoring

  • Project management